Industries 3R offers the complete line of Marinite® products, made from calcium silicate and Portland® cement. These products are available in many grades that offer excellent insulating properties, a remarkable temperature resistance and a low thermal conductivity. The Marinite® is made in sheets, but we have all the necessary knowledge to machine and transform them into various parts. The applications for these products are numerous : insulation for fire-proof doors, fleet level controls for aluminium, lime kiln insulation , sampling spoons, etc.


This CS85 Marinite was developed to be a high temperature replacement for asbestos Transite. Learn more >


This insulating board is made of calcium silicate reinforced of carbon fibers. Learn more >


This thermal treated board has excellent resistance to thermal shock and good stability at high temperatures. Learn more >


Heat treated incombustible board, the 3R4040 is used for conveying, containing and forming molten aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Learn more >


This insulation board is lightweight, non-coroding and does not disintegrate even after water immersion. Learn more >


These non-asbestos, monolithic, fiber cement industrial boards are used in environments up to 600°F and where high strength is the primary concern. Learn more >


This board is hydraulically pressed into monolithic boards from refractory cement and silica. Learn more >