Carbon - graphite

The carbon-graphite based packings are all designated for a resistance to superior temperatures. Their resistance to chemical products is also comparable to those of the PTFE® packings. Many combinations with other fibers are also available to fulfill many applications, including high temperature valves.


The 3R746 packing is manufactured from high purity flexible graphite that is expanded and formed into a braidable yarn and then braided without binders or wire reinforcement. Learn more >


The 3R750 packing is an interlock braid of carbon fibers which are carefully impregnated with PTFE and a special lubricant. Learn more >


The 3R771 is a firm packing made of braided inconel reinforced fibers on a soft core. Learn more >


Th 3R795 is diagonally braided packing made from pure, expanded flexible graphite and with high quality carbon fibers. Learn more >


The 3R 799 packing is made from pure interlocked carbon yarns and is impregnated with a lubricant and graphite particles which fill voids. Learn more >