About us

Corporate profile

Since its founding in 1978, Industries 3R has experienced remarkable growth. The turnover of the company has grown steadily over the years, particularly due to the addition of new products and diversified business sectors. In 2011, the company opened a second installation in order to reach a broader customer base, and in 2012, it expanded the size of its main plant.

These changes are development opportunities for the company to position itself favorably from the competition. Powerful in manufacturing and distribution of its diversified product range, Industries 3R has qualified staff who strive to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the market.

In fact, customer satisfaction remains at the heart of the concerns of staff that, with its dynamism and professionalism, ensure to meet the expectations and needs of its customers.

Business line

Initially, Industries 3R focused its operations in the primary metals sector. Afterwards and throughout the years, the company’s range of services has broadly diversified, especially with the addition of dielectric products and the machinery to machine them, so well that now, the company offers products designed to the energy sector.

Technology advancements

Industries 3R has always prioritized the acquisition of equipment at the cutting edge of technology, and for all the different sectors of production of its two plants. Moreover, so the staff is able to perform, the company ensures the thrust qualifications by offering necessary and appropriate training. Finally, Industries 3R team members have been assigned specifically to a high quality customer service, and in the area of ​​research and development to innovate and deliver better products.

Throughout the world

Since the creation of Industries 3R, its reputation has allowed it to make its mark at the national level, so that now, many companies worldwide do not hesitate to trust it. In addition, some of its products stand out with its customers, helping to promote exports on a regular basis and increase its international presence.


ISO 9001:2015

At Industries 3R, quality is a priority. Whether for design, manufacturing or distribution of products, team members of the quality assurance ensure that all the processes in place meet the criteria specified under ISO 9001-2015.

Logo OSEDD 2019-2021

Social responsibility is also a concern for the company that obtained its first sustainable development accreditation in May 2019: "On s’engage en développement durable". This regional accreditation is recognized and supported by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation (MEI) and demonstrates the commitment of the company to integrate sustainable development into its management and to take actions to improve continuously on specific and recognized issues.