Industrial protective clothing

Industries 3R has developed a full line of industrial protective clothing specialized for work near extreme heat sources such as molten metal. These products are designed to reflect heat while providing maximum comfort and flexibility.

Aluminized preox® gaiter with reinforcementAluminized preox® gaiter with reinforcement


Aluminized preox® gaiters are available with or without armatures to protect the full body from heat.

Aluminized kevlar® coat with preox® on the backAluminized kevlar® coat with preox® on the back


The coats are available in long (52 '') or short (36 '') models, in different sizes and in a variety of fabrics. They can be fully aluminized or with inflammable fabric on the back for better ventilation.

Consult the size table

Aluminized kevlar® sleeveAluminized kevlar® sleeve.


The protective sleeves are available in different models. They can be long, covering up to the shoulders, or short, up to half the biceps. These sleeves can also be made from a variety of fabrics such as flame retardant cotton, kevlar®, aluminized kevlar® or other to satisfy your need.

Aluminized kevlar® and leather interior hand guard.


The hand guards provide additional protection against heat where the use of gloves alone is not sufficient.

Aluminized kevlar® with snap fastener smock.


The aprons are available in aluminized kevlar® fabric, leather or other, with or without bib.

Aluminized kevlar® mitt with kevlar® fabric interior.


Gloves and mittens are available in many combinations of fabrics and shapes that will meet your needs. Gloves, long or short mittens or mittens with thumbs and indexes are available.

Aluminized preox® pant.

PANT 3R7600

The aluminized preox® pants are available in several sizes. They are needed when wearing the long coat is not enough.

Consult the size table

Aluminized rayon face mask

CAG 3R7700

Face masks protect from radiant heat and can be used with or without a visor.

3R33 3R37 3R38 Industries3R High temperature products Gloves Hands
Fiberglass gloves and mittens



These gloves are made to protect from heat, molten metals, chemical agents or anything else that could pose a risk to the user.  The fabrication criteria for the gloves are determined in accordance to customers applications and needs.

See available specialized fabrics for industrial protective clothing: Carbon, Rayon, Aramid and Kevlar®

See all available fabrics


Size tables

MANT3R7000 coats sizes (in inches) Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge XXXLarge XXXXLarge
Chest  measurement  50 52 56 60 63 65 70
Sleeve lenght  31 32 33 33 35 36 37
Coat lenght  52 52 52 52 52 52 52
PANT3R7600 pants sizes (in inches)  Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge XXXLarge XXXXLarge
Waist  measurement  42 44 45 50 54 57 60
Hip  measurement  43 45 47 51 55 58 62
Thigh measurement   25 25 26 30 32 33 34
Inner leg lenght  30 30 30 30 31 31 31
Pants lenght  45 45 45 46 47 47 47
Lower pant leg widht  22 22 23 24 26 26 31

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