Marinite CS85

This CS85 Marinite was developed to be a high temperature replacement for asbestos Transite. It offers the highest strength and electrical resistance combined with minimal shrinkage for applications up to and exceeding 1800°F.


Applications include platen press insulation, foundry core and blow plates, induction furnace casings, electrical resistance insulation, hot glass handling and numerous others.


Technical Data

Density pcf (kg/m³) 85 (1362)
Moduls of Rupture (Flexural Strength) psi (kg/cm²) 3000 (210)
Compressive Strength
Ultimate load psi (kg/cm²) 10300 (724)
@ 5% deformation psi (kg/cm²) 6400 (450)
Moisture Content (normal), % of dry weight 1.0
Thermal Conductivity
Mean Temperature, Btu-in/ft², hr, °F
250°F -
400°F 2.13
600°F -
800°F 1.94
1000°F 2.01
Mean Temperature, (W/m°K)
121°C -
204°C 0.31
316°C -
427°C 0.28
538°C 0.29
Shrinkage 24 hours at 871°C (1600°F)
Linear (Length or width), % 0.24
Thickness, % 2.0
Arc Resistance, seconds, ASTM D 495 304
Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm, ASTM D 257 4.52 X (10^12)
Dielectric Strength, v/mil, ASTM D 495 61
Screw Holding Strength
@ 7/8" penetration, lbs (kg) 875 (397)
N.B. The information, details and values indicated are to the best of our knowledge. We recommend to conduct tests according to local conditions. The data is subject to some variations without notice.