Industries 3R provide a host of innovative sealants products. The Durlon® is a reliable, economical and safe sealant for a wide range of demanding applications. The use of Durlon® is ideal in many sectors as food industries, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, chemical, refinery, pipeline and general industry. This product withstands high temperatures, is flexible and easy to cut.

Durlon® 8400

Durlon® 8400 contains high temperature phenolic fibers and minerals combined with high-grade nitrile (NBR) rubber. Learn more >

Durlon® 8500

Durlon® 8500 contains high-strength aramid and inorganic fibres bonded with high-grade nitrile (NBR) rubber. Learn more >

Durlon® 9000

The Durlon® 9000 is manufactured from PTFE resin dispersed equally in a solution of inorganic binder giving it its physical and mechanical properties. Learn more >