The G11 is a high strength, medium weave glass epoxy laminate that retains a minimum of 50% of its flexural strength at 302°F while preserving its properties. It provides excellent physical, mechanical and electrical properties at both room and elevated temperatures.


Typical applications include insulation in power generation equipment and other structural applications when used in elevated temperatures.


Technical Data

Specific gravity 1.82
Tensile strength (psi) 37 000
Flexural strength (psi) 75 000
Compressive strength (psi) 63 000
Hardness, M Scale 112
Bonding strength (lbs) 2200
Shear strength (psi) 22 000
Dissipation factor, 10^6 cycles, Cond A 0.020
Dielectric constant, 10^6 cycles, Cond A 5.00
Flammability rating 94HB
Temperature 180°C (350°F)
Water absorption % - 24 Hrs 0.20
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