The protective cover 3R172 is made with a fiberglass fabric coated on both sides with neoprene. The basic glass fabric used offers a resistance to temperatures reaching up to 1000°F. As for the neoprene coating, it increases the resistance to wear and tear while protecting the cables against the penetration of oils and greases. On each side, a 1" wide Velcro closing tape, sewn with an aramid thread and/or glued, is very practical since it reduces time loss due to broken hoses, because it can be easily opened and closed.


The 3R172 is commonly used in welding shops to protect the cables and hoses on automatic, semi-automatic and plasma welding equipment from sparks and hot droplets of molten metal. The protective cover also keeps all the cables and hoses together to avoid damages, wear and accidents.


Technical Data

Width 4", 5½", 6", 7", 9"
Length of standard roll 50 feet
Fiberglass fabric 535°C (1000°F)
Neoprene coating 95°C (190°F)
Color Black
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