Conventionnal Fiberglass

The Texpro 240 fabric is produced with high quality texturized fibreglass yarns. Used either to insulate or protect, this fabric is flexible and adaptable to many applications. It does not burn nor emit harmful smoke or vapors when exposed to high temperatures,will not mold and resists to most acids and alkali.


The TXP 240 fabric is used as heat shields, fire blankets, welding curtains, protection apparels, to make high temperature removable blankets, stress relieving pads, expansion joints and gaskets. Other typical applications include wrapping tools, pipes, cables to protect against other internal or external high temperatures.


Technical Data

Weight (oz/yd²) 24
Thickness 0.040"
Width 40",60"
Temperature continue: 535°C (1000°F)brief excursion: 645°C (1200°F)
Length/roll (yards) 50
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