December 20, 2021

To follow up on our commitment to sustainable development, we have decided to renew our "We are committed to sustainable development" accreditation issued by the firm ADDERE. In fact, over the past two years and despite the difficult pandemic situation, Industries 3R has continued to implement new measures in this direction within its company. Indeed, it seemed to us more important than ever to strengthen our actions in favor of a livable and equitable social environment, a viable economy and a more sustainable environment.

Through its sustained efforts throughout the years, Industries 3R has thus obtained level 1 sustainable development accreditation issued by the firm Addere. This accreditation replaces the one we already had, but which did not include levels. The accreditation has 3 levels, the 3rd level being the highest. Each level contains specific requirements that must be met for the organization to obtain the certification. We are very proud of our involvement in sustainable development.

As usual, Industries 3R innovates and develops its strategies with a broader view of the surrounding world, a sign of solid and responsible management. It is a winning attitude that will allow us to propel ourselves into the future.

Adderre Acréditation niveau 1 Industries 3R

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