June 20, 2019

Industries 3R has decided to commit to a sustainable development policy, aware of the impacts of its manufacturing activities on the environment, the economy and society. This approach is part of the continuous improvement approach already in place within our company.

Our commitment to sustainable development is intended to guide us in creating environmentally responsible ways of doing business while keeping in mind economic development and fairness for future generations. We have incorporated these principles into many of our corporate policies and procedures.

To cite just a few examples of the actions taken by Industries 3R in this direction, a lot of effort is put into research and development of sustainable products, the goal being to increase the lifetime of a product by a larger number reuse and thus reduce its environmental impact. We also strive to minimize the production of waste from our manufacturing facility through optimized management of raw materials and scrap to maximize the use of these and the implementation of waste management policies and procedures. In the same vein, all our products are packaged in recyclable boxes or containers and made from recycled materials.

Also, Industries 3R has always prioritized local purchasing in the choice of its suppliers of goods and services with the aim of promoting regional social and economic development and thereby reducing our impact on the environment.

All these actions led us to obtain accreditation in May 2019: "We are committed to sustainable development". Accreditation "We are committed to sustainable development" demonstrates a serious commitment of an organization to integrate sustainable development into its management and to take actions to continuously improve on specific and recognized issues. It is renewed every 2 years to ensure an evolution through commitment. This accreditation is granted by an external firm, ADDERE, a collective enterprise in the region formed through a partnership with the Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) and Business Development Centers (BDCs) of Estrie. and supported by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI).

This accreditation approach in sustainable development is part of a global vision and longer term on the development of corporate social responsibility.

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