March 14, 2019

At the speed that the world turns, the execution and service rapidity remains an important asset for a manufacturing company like ours. The delivery time is often a decisive factor in in the choice that the consumer will make and sometimes, this element will even override the price. In order to remain ever more competitive and in order to better serve our customers, Industries 3R doesn’t hesitate to invest in the purchase of new industrial equipment.

Our main plant, which is also the headquarters of our company, is located in Danville, Estrie, and we have a second facility in Ville Saint-Laurent. We serve, from these two production sites, all our customers. As we have more and more customers in the greater metropolitan area and as the demands for cut parts are constantly increasing, we now offer waterjet cutting at our Saint-Laurent branch.

We are already well known to our customers to be able to respond quickly to urgent requests. Emergencies, we know a great deal about that! From this location, we are able to respond to emergencies faster, as we have often needed to do with requests for seals or gaskets. Manufacturing cut parts from Ville Saint-Laurent indeed reduces the delivery time for customers of this area. We care about the satisfaction of our customers, no matter where they are located.