August 31, 2018

Industries 3R continues to innovate and develop new products in order to maintain a strong presence in the high temperature market and maintain its title among the industry leaders. To counter the competition, we must also offer our customers cost-effective, sustainable, safe and efficient solutions. When we talk about high temperature products, we often refer to insulating products. One rarely goes without the other. We manufacture a wide variety of custom insulation products.


We manufacture thermal insulation blankets primarily for valves, but also for other applications such as covering pumps, piping, heat exchangers and others. These are made to measure by hand, which gives us a lot of opportunities and quality assurance. Materials are selected based on the application and the environment in which the device is installed.

The use of thermal insulation covers has the advantage of considerably reducing the heat losses associated with normal use of any appliance. The energy saving is so great that the return on investment is done in just a few months of use.

Proper installation of this product can also increase the service life of the equipment on which it is installed by reducing condensation and thus decreasing the risk of corrosion. These blankets are easy to install and uninstall, offering greater serviceability and reducing the cost of maintenance.   

In addition to being economical for the company, thermal insulation blankets are safe and greatly reduce the noise related to the operation of the devices, to the delight of the employees.

Rideau acoustique

Acoustical blankets reducing the noise 
emitted by a compressor, Industries 3R
Thermal insulation blankets installed 
on a coveyor Industries 3R


We also manufacture acoustic insulation blankets (curtains) to reduce the noise emitted by the operation or the use of industrial equipment. These acoustical blankets are, in the same way as thermal blankets, easy to install and uninstall and are therefore ideal for occasional use of noisy equipment as well as permanent installation. They are also made to measure, according to the needs and means of the customer. A high level of noise can be very harmful in a workplace as much for the health of employees as for the quality of the environment in general.

Matelas Cascade energie
Thermal insulation blankets installed on pipes 
containing hot oil Industries 3R