October 18, 2016

Kiosque industries 3r

For the third time, Industries 3R was an exhibitor at the Salon industriel de Québec 2016 (SIQ 2016) which was held this year from October 4th to 6th. This event takes place every 2 years in the national capital and this is always an good opportunity for a company wishing to make themselves better known of large businesses, to present a new product or to develop new business relationships.

For a manufacturing company like ours, already well established in the province in several industry sectors, the Salon industriel de Québec is the occasion, of course, to show our colors, but also to promote targeted products. We took advantage of the event to put forward some of our featured products: expansion joints and protective covers.

The expansion joints are used in different ways depending of the application. 

We manufacture mainly three types of custom made expansion joints:

Multi-layer : Multi-layer expansion joints take up movement in several directions simultaneously. They have almost no reactive forces and need little space for installation.

Thermo-welded : Thermo-welded expansion joints are made from fluoroplastic membranes which possess a very high resistance to temperatures and aggressive products.

Molded : Molded elastomer seals are used for applications at lower temperatures. They have the advantage of dramatically reducing vibrations and noise.

The protective covers are also a product we manufacture customized according to customer needs. Used for the protection of equipment, they can be manufactured with different materials according to the environment in which they are used. We manufacture essentially protectors for endless screw and cylinders, rail covers and lift covers.

With an exhibit booth displaying a completely renewed design putting forward business sectors in which we operate, our mandate was completed successfully.

A show like this is always beneficial, not only to reach new contacts (customers / suppliers), but also to consolidate our image with business partners by "exhibiting" our know-how.


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