April 19, 2016

Always true to our habits, we once again lent a hand this year at the Université de Sherbrooke for the construction of a most interesting mechanical engineering project. The team of the EMUS (Electric Motorcycle University of Sherbrooke) project has indeed caught our attention with its project of designing and manufacturing a 100% electric competition motorcycle. The goal is to make it more efficient, but also to develop an implementable standardized and generic electric propulsion system for any motorized platform and push the boundaries of current electric transportation technologies. Through its intentions, the team of EMUS project is proud to represent the Canadian leadership in electric and environmentally friendly transport. That's why we did not hesitate to encourage the team by sponsoring some of their efforts.

Specifically, we participated in the production of the motorcycle electric battery by manufacturing graciously dielectric parts and by providing specialized materials. Our expertise and our high-tech equipment enable the machining of composite products with a very high accuracy and complexity level.

Research and development of new technologies are part of the spirit of the company. It is through participation in projects like this that industries 3R contributes to the student knowledge of our region and allows it to evolve.

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