November 17, 2015

From the beginning of its existence and throughout the years that followed, INDUSTRIES 3R has always managed to keep up with the frantic pace of industrial technological advancement. To remain at the edge of the know-how that makes its success of today, the company had to adapt constantly by innovating its ways of doing. The development of new manufacturing processes was therefore imposed naturally in the evolution of the company. Thus, it has been nearly a decade, thanks to the expertise acquired following the development of silicone impregnated products (silastic, gaskets, cables, fabrics, etc.), we became interested in molding silicone parts. Due to the growing demand and new markets development, including the energy sector, this expertise has been an added value for the company.

Today, 3R INDUSTRIES manufactures more than a hundred molded silicone parts according to customers' requirements and applications. These products have all been developed and are manufactured in our production plant located in Danville, in the Eastern Townships region in Quebec. Whether for the production of a single gasket (seal) or for a much more complex piece, it takes sometimes a few tries or many tests to achieve the results expected by the customer. INDUSTRIES 3R has always volunteered to meet new challenges, which is why the company has the merit of having designed and made the development of many innovative products. Custom made high temperature silicone inflatable seal are just one example among many. We also developed several industrial furnace seals, silicone high voltage cable separators, etc.

INDUSTRIES 3R has developed an expertise that enabled the company to become a key supplier in the high temperature products industry (foundries, steel mills, aluminum smelters) and electrical insulation for the energy sector. By manufacturing customized products, the company has an impressive latitude enabling it to adequately meet demands.