This material is known for its use in applications in temperatures reaching 455°F.



The grey 3R833 has the additional properties of flame retardant, electrical stability, ozone and ultra violet resistance to make it the unique product for numerous applications.


Technical Data

Polymer Type Silicone
Color Grey
Hardness (Shore A) ± 5 60
Temperature -65°C to 250°C (-85°F to 480°F)
Tensile Strength, psi (ASTM D-412) 700
Elongation minimum, % (ASTM D-412) 300
Tear, psi Die "B" (ASTM D-624) 40
Compression Set Very good
Ozone Resistance Excellent
Fungus resistance Good
N.B. The information, details and values indicated are to the best of our knowledge. We recommend to conduct tests according to local conditions. The data is subject to some variations without notice.