This rubber is made with one or four thicknesses of polyester fabric inserted in a premium quality neoprene.The 3R818 combines the oil and ozone resistance to resistance of the synthetic fabric. It offers exceptional tensile strength.


It is designed for the fabrication, amoung other things, of gaskets on control valves and regulators. It is also commonly used as cold barriers.


Technical Data

Polymer Type Neoprene diaphragm CR/SBR
Color Black
Hardness (Shore A) ± 5 70
Temperature Limits, °C -25°C to 100°C (-10°F to 210°F)
Tensile Strength, lbs/in² 1400
Elongation minimum, % 250
Compression Set Fair
Abrasion resistance Good
Tear Resistance Good
Ozone Resistance Good
Impermeability to Gases Good
Resistance to Dilute Acid Good
Resistance to aromatic hydro-carbons Good
Heat Aging Good
N.B. The information, details and values indicated are to the best of our knowledge. We recommend to conduct tests according to local conditions. The data is subject to some variations without notice.