Spiral gaskets

Designed for elevated vacuum pressures and temperatures, this gasket is made as the WR style for which an internal metal ring has been added. This ring fills the space between the flanges, avoiding turbulence in the flow of the fluid or as a protection against corrosion or erosion. It is also used as a compression limit when the seating stress is greater than 30 000 psi (210 Mpa).
Also, gaskets with PTFE filler have a tendency to buckle inward thus the use of an inner ring is recommended.


The WR type gaskets are suitable for applications that have pressure and temperature variations. They are also used to seal in processess where fluid pressures vary.


Technical Data

Filler material
Mica/Graphite (Pink)
Maximum temperature 232°C (450°F)
Graphie flexible (Grey)
Maximum temperature 450°C (840°F)
PTFE (White)
Maximum temperature 260°C (500°F)
N.B. The information, details and values indicated are to the best of our knowledge. We recommend to conduct tests according to local conditions. The data is subject to some variations without notice.