This high temperature vacuum formed board is rigid and self-supporting. It is made from fibers with a high content of alumina with ceramics fibers. This combination provides dimensional stability to the product to 2600 °F, where the minimum shrinkage is very important.

The 3R4600 offers excellent thermal conductivity and remains stable at elevated temperatures. It has the capability to withstand chemical attack to the exceptions of hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkali.


This board can be used as : insulation for appliances, support for dense refractories, rounded tiles, burner blocks, building combustion chambers, expansion joint material, duct liners and chimneys, furnace components, high temperature seals, furnaces, ovens and covering other hot surfaces, etc.


Physical properties

Color Blue
Nominal density, lbs/ft³ (kg/m³) 15 (240)
Maximum temperature 1482°C (2700°F)
Continuous use limit 1425°C (2600°F)
Melting point 1760°C (3200°F)
Modulus of rupture, PSI (Mpa) 115(0.79)
Compressive strenght, psi (Mpa)
@5% def. 30 (0.21)
@10% def. 40 (0.28)
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