Industries 3R is moving forward with a renewed corporate image

September 19, 2014

Industries 3R management is taking advantage of the launch of its new web site, completely redesigned, to unveil its new logo along with the new catalog, entirely renewed.

The website of the company is introducing a new platform tailored to the needs of the industry and now reaches a whole new level thanks to a more robust and powerful image, a more efficient ergonomics and bigger features. Indeed, significant additions have been made, such as an online submission form application, video capsules, a new contact form, an advanced search engine and more detailed products.

"Our new corporate image, our website and our renewed catalog project us forward and help open the horizons of the international market. These brackets allow us to present our values, the spirit of the company and its development" said Mr. Louis Chaîné, president of Industries 3R.

The vice president of the company, Mr. François Chaîné, added: "We are proud of our new brand. In addition, the catalog and website have been reviewed and enhanced by the collaboration and the work of all our employees. All worked hard to provide tools that meet both the needs of our current and future customers, and adapted to our team. "

In summary, Industries 3R, powered by its new corporate image and accompanying media, turns to the future with a multitude of ideas and projects to develop!