Durlon® 8500


Durlon® 8500 contains high-strength aramid and inorganic fibres bonded with high-grade nitrile (NBR) rubber. Durlon® 8500 exhibits good compressibility and recovery, excellent sealability, flexibility and cutting characteristics.


Durlon® 8500 is excellent in steam, natural gas, soybean processing and with new generation refrigerants. A high quality general service gasket material for use in a wide range of services in pulp and paper, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, refinery, gas pipeline and general industry.


Technical Data

Color Green
Fiber System Aramid-inorganic
Binder NBR
minimum -73°C (-100°F)
maximum 371°C (700°F)
continuous 290°C (548°F)
Pressure, max, bar (psi) 103 (1500)
Density, g/cc (lbs/ft3) 17 (106)
Compressibility %, ASTM F36 8 - 16
Recovery %, ASTM F36 50
Creep Relaxation %, ASTM F38 20
Tensile strenght Mpa (psi), ASTM F152 13.8 (2000)
pH Range 3 - 11
Fluid resistance, ASTM F146
IRM 903 Oil 5hrs at 149°C (300°F)
Thickness increase % 0 - 15
Weight increase % 15
Fuel B 5 hrs at 21°C (70°F)
Thickness increase % 0 - 10
Weight increase % 15
Leachable halides, max, ppm 1000
Leachable chlorides, max, ppm 100
Nitrogen sealibility, cc/min, ASTM F2378 0.03
Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm, ASTM D257 4.2 x 1013
Dielectric breakdown (kV/mm), ASTM D149 11.7
Gasket factors
m 2.7
Y, psi 2359
Gb, psi 650
a 0.33
Gs, psi 200
m 4.2
Y, psi 2931
Gb, psi 400
a 0.35
Gs, psi 20
Flexibility, ASTM F147 10x
N.B. The information, details and values indicated are to the best of our knowledge. We recommend to conduct tests according to local conditions. The data is subject to some variations without notice.