G10/FR4 is a woven glass and brominated epoxy laminate offering excellent electrical properties in both dry and humid conditions. This material has very good mechanical strength and impact resistance. The G10/FR4 is a flame retardant grade and it maintains more than 25% of its flexural strength at 266°F operating temperatures while preserving all of its electrical properties.


This material is suitable for a variety of applications for power generation industries such as terminal boards, lapping carriers, and many other machined parts. It is available in sheet, tube and rod form.


Technical Data

Specific gravity 1.85
Tensile strength (psi) 40 000 / 32 000
Compressive strength (psi) 66.000
Flexural strength (psi) 26 000
Hardness, M Scale 98
Bonding strength (lbs) 2300
Shear strength (psi) 21 500
Dissipation factor at 1 MHz 0.032
Electric strength - volt / 1000 630
Flammability rating V-O
Max OPER. TEMP °C 140°C (284 °)
Coeff. Thermal EXP. In/ln/°C x 10^-6 10
Moisture absorption % - 24hrs 0.10
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